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Novel Technology to Deliver Safer Cell and Gene Therapies to Treat Cancer and Rare Diseases

Transforming healthcare as we know it by using new cell and gene therapies to provide targeted, safe, personalized, and affordable cures, where the patient’s own cells perform the cures. TransCytos has turned human T cells into CAR T cells by transfecting them with anti-CD19 receptors using the non-viral Slipstream™ technology. These CAR T cells find and kill the target cells when mixed in a petri dish.

Slipstream™ Technology

The Priority

The priority of TransCytos’ commercialization strategy is to bring cures to patients as soon as possible, especially to patients for whom no cure exists, including those with rare diseases.

Non-Viral Solution

TransCytos’ non-viral Slipstream™ platform technology significantly reduces or eliminates high drug fabrication, delivery costs, and timelines by bringing these tasks from big production centers to the patient’s bedside. 


Educating pharma that partnering with TransCytos yields substantial business benefits, which allow them to switch from presently used viral cell modification processes to our non-viral ones.

TransCytos Slipstream™ 

TransCytos is a medical instrumentation company. Based on more than ten years of a focused team effort, our devices and processes are designed to accelerate the development of new cures and to deliver personalized, safe and affordable cell and gene-based therapies to patients at local hospitals to cure devastating illnesses such as cancer, infectious, autoimmune, and rare diseases, including stomach cancer, vitiligo, lupus, sickle cell anemia, colitis, HIV, cutaneous CAR T cell lymphoma (CTCL), and others, for which no affordable cures exist.


Together with bio expert partners, TransCytos can promptly make specific cures possible, making them affordable for patients worldwide, without chemo, radiation, or viruses.


Strategic Partnerships
Yield Advantages for
All Parties Involved 

Above all, the patients will benefit from greater access to more comprehensive, safer and more affordable cures wherever they live.  


Our corporate partners will achieve higher profits because Slipstream™ will (i) increase the number of patients eligible for treatments, (ii) expand the market for cell & gene therapies by eliminating delivery gaps, and (iii) increase their profit margins. After all, Slipstream™ reduces or eliminates costs caused by the viral transduction process.


TransCytos will benefit from early market entry and revenue generation; we expect to provide our investors with a substantial ROI.

“Slipstream allows us to develop, together with partners who have worked on the molecules which need to get into the patients’ cells, cost-effective, fast cures for cancer, autoimmune, infectious, and rare diseases, including rare inherited diseases (using gene therapies), sickle cell diseases (such as sickle cell anemia), rare cancers (such as cutaneous T cell lymphoma), lupus, etc..”


Gene Therapy


Sickle Cell Disease


Rare Cancer



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“Changing the 
Rules of Precision Healthcare

TransCytos Slipstream™ Advantages

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