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TransCytos, LLC.

TransCytos develops devices and processes that deliver cell and gene therapies to patients so that their own cells can cure cancer and autoimmune, infectious, and rare diseases. 

TransCytos’ non-viral Slipstream™ platform technology is based on a hydrodynamic introduction (“transfection”) of molecules into the patient’s cells to expand their immune capabilities or edit gene defects. This enables the patient’s cells to perform the cure without chemo, radiation, or viruses.


Our non-viral Slipstream™ process eliminates expensive and time-consuming drug development paradigms and major shortcomings of current virus-based cell modification technologies. 

It also brings cancer therapy delivery from central labs to the patient’s bedside and shortens time frames from weeks to days via a bedside process analogous to dialysis. Finally, Slipstream™ can economically bring therapy to historically unattended rare diseases.

Slipstream™ will be a broadly applicable therapy development and delivery platform in multi-trillion-dollar markets, yielding health benefits for our patients and better profit margins for our partners. In contrast, therapy costs are expected to be low enough to be paid for by insurance.

Our devices and processes will also be provided to R&D labs for fast-track co-developments of new cell and gene therapies to increase the output rate of new therapies.


Our mission is to develop instruments, consumables, and processes for the safe and affordable delivery of cell and gene therapies at the patient’s bedside in hospitals worldwide. 


Commercialization Steps

Growth Strategy

2023 - 2025

Fast track, parallel path development, with a partner, for investor-requested, specific cure; build human therapy devices and get FDA approval; expand IP.

2024 - 2026

Additional cure developments with corporate, institutional, or academic partners; expand IP.

2025 - 2027

Expand cure developments with partners; generate revenue from Pharma partnerships; expand IP; prepare for FDA approval of cure deliveries with partners.


Exit decisions, including IPO, Joint Ventures, Mergers, Acquisitions, based on revenue growth through License Fees; Product & Market Expansion. 

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