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TransCytos will partner with drug developers to fast-track the development and production of therapeutic molecules for specific treatments, optimize non-viral transfection processes, and support regulatory approvals.


  • Partnerships  will  be  set  up  with  instrument  and  consumables manufacturers to accelerate and scale up GMP production.

  • Partnering  with  rare  disease  therapy  developing  institutions  will accelerate the delivery of new cures.

Partnerships will be set up with instrument and consumables manufacturers 
to accelerate and 
scale up GMP production.

TransCytos Investment Opportunity


  • TransCytos is seeking $3M bridge funding for a parallel path fast-track development and delivery of specific rare disease treatment, as requested by the investor; work will be performed with specific corporate partners, using medical legal (e.g. HIPAA) and regulatory standards.

  • A $10 million Series A and subsequent $15M Series B equity round will enable (a) human therapy devices and consumables manufacturing, (b) standardization of therapy delivery, (c) joint FDA approvals, and (d) integration of medical partners to get cures to patients sooner. Grant funding will be sought to bring personalized treatments to patients worldwide.

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